Are You A Hoarder?

We can all agree that every house needs to be made into a home, but how much is too much? With bargains, second hand shops and boot sales everywhere it can be hard to resist it all, even if you don’t need it. Hoarding is becoming more and more of an issue within neighbourhoods and households and it needs to stop before we are all stuck in our own clutter. You may not think it, but you could be a hoarder yourself without even realizing or knowing about it, after all, if no-one tells you how will you know when to stop?


It is common for people to hoard because of a horrible is distressing past. Maybe you have a lot of things passed down from generation to generation or you were deprived as a child and didn’t have a chance to own nice things. Any small things can trigger a hoarder, from bargain buys, the love of collecting and the worry that they do not have everything they will ever physically need in their life.

It can all start with a little decoration or collections of teapots or mugs etc. Then you get bulk buying where people will buy 5 of the same thing so they are never to run out and do not have to use a different brand. Most worryingly is when people will redeem unusable items to be ‘useful’ or needed when they are obviously no use to anyone. It is more common for people of an older generation to become hoarders as they do not socialize or go out as much as the youngsters of today.

Difficulty starts when the problem is pointed out, and you can get one of two reactions. The first reaction being shock and despair as someone may suddenly realize what you mean and are willing to change their ways instantly. The other reaction being denial and/or stubbornness, where someone is completely oblivious to any problem that may be going on, even when told, or are happy with the way they live even if it is making them unwell or is causing more grief than relief. Always be cautious when giving someone this kind of news, make sure that they are ready and do not push them into something they do not want to do.


Stubborn hoarders are the people that really need help and support. Friends and family may try and help but for the most part the person hoarding will see this as their family turning against them and it is sadly common for them to seclude themselves or disown their family altogether. It is not something you can sort overnight, it needs a lot of time, patience and courage from the hoarders perspective. In a way it is like looking after a child, telling them what to do can get you nowhere as all they will do is rebel, you need to work with them and not against them. For more severe cases you may need professional help with specialists who deal specifically with hoarders, it comes at a price but is essential for those who need it most.

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